Our Purpose

Whiterock Tiny Home Solutions Inc. is a company that was formed in early 2022 after a robust and evolving set of discussions among its founders in 2021.

It began with Daniel Kelly floating a bold business idea to John Zwart, Allen Remley, and Charles Arnold. Soon Barry Bonvanie, and Stephen Harris joined in the discussions.

Daniel’s initial idea, together with inputs from the other partners, gradually crystallized into a faith based, values oriented defining purpose, part of which is as follows:

“We are committed to meeting the full time or recreational housing needs of our clients by building attractive, affordable, comfortable, efficiently designed, and impeccably built tiny homes that can stand up to the most rigorous requirements of the OBC (Ontario Building Code) and NBC (National Building Code of Canada).”  

In order to do this well, we know we have to be responsive to your needs. So we’ve put a lot of effort into designing plans that are ergonomically efficient while also extremely comfortable. And of course, within design and regulatory limitations, we’ve allowed for individual expression so that your tiny home is truly unique to you.

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