Why Choose WhiteRock

Reasons Why Purchasing a Tiny Home from
WhiteRock Tiny Home Solutions Inc. Makes Sense.

  1. We are transparent and honest; we do what we say we will do.
  2. We collaborate with you throughout the entire process and work diligently to provide viable solutions for all your tiny home goals.
  3. We have expertise in tiny home design, Ontario Building Code compliance, municipal zoning, by-laws and permits, construction processes, materials and project management, as well as financing considerations. These areas of expertise along with an intimate understanding of the joys and challenges of tiny home living will be important in helping you make wise tiny home decisions.
  4. All our business processes are designed to be efficient and effective because we want this to be an enjoyable and productive experience for all involved.
  5. We have partnerships with the private and public sectors with the goal of being an integral part of the housing solution